2018.02.02 Dungen & Woods to release collaborative album
2018.02.01 Hookworms shared new track "Each Time We Pass"
2018.01.31 Courtney Marie Andrews shares another track from forthcoming album
2018.01.31 Insecure Men shared video for "I Don't Wanna Dance (with My Baby)"
2018.01.29 At The Drive In released new EP Diamanté
2018.01.29 Imarhan shared video for 'Ehad Wa Dagh'
2018.01.29 Soccer Mommy shared new single "Cool"
2018.01.26 Franz Ferdinand shared new track 'Lazy Boy'
2018.01.24 George Fitzgerald announced new album
2018.01.24 Cabbage announced debut album
2018.01.18 Anna Von Hausswolff premiered video for "The Mysterious Vanishing of Electra"
2018.01.17 Spinning Coin shared video for 'Starry Eyes'
2018.01.12 EMA shared new track 'Dark Shadows'
2018.01.11 Hookworms share new track 'Static Resistance'
2018.01.10 Son Lux released new single "Slowly"
2018.01.09 Franz Ferdinand released new single from upcoming album
2018.01.04 Superorganism announced debut album
2017.12.22 Mogwai shared video for "Crossing The Road Material"
2017.12.14 EMA announced new EP
2017.12.13 Austra shared B-side "Change The Paradigm"
2017.12.08 All We Are shared acoustic version of "Human"
2017.12.08 Maya Jane Coles video for latest single "Darkside" premiered
2017.12.08 Mogwai shared new single "Old Poisons"
2017.12.07 ******** announced album to be re-released next January
2017.12.07 Blondie unveiled video for album opener "Doom or Destiny"
2017.12.06 Anna von Hausswolff new album announcement
2017.12.06 Gary Numan premiered video for new single "The End Of Things"
2017.12.05 LA Wise Man shares "All I Want For Xmas Is Rock & Roll"
2017.12.05 Son Lux shared reworking of first single "Dream State"
2017.12.05 Sorry shared new track "Lies"