: 2015

2015.12.17 Faith No More "Separation Anxiety"
2015.12.16 Ratatat shared new video
2015.12.16 Damien Jurado new album announcement
2015.12.15 Purity Ring shared new video
2015.12.14 Bill Ryder-Jones "Wild Roses"
2015.12.11 Thao & The Get Down Stay Down album announcement
2015.12.10 Föllakzoid "Feuerzeug"
2015.12.10 Patrick Watson shared new video
2015.12.08 Ibeyi single "re-fixed" by Mark Ronson
2015.12.08 Pixx new video premiered
2015.12.08 The Prettiots debut album announcement
2015.12.02 SOAK shared new video
2015.12.01 Animal Collective new album announcement
2015.12.01 Cayucas "Big Winter Jacket"
2015.11.25 EL VY new video premiered
2015.11.23 Alex G shared new video
2015.11.20 Porches album announcement
2015.11.19 Empress Of "Icon"
2015.11.19 Julia Holter shared new video
2015.11.18 John Cale "M:FANS"
2015.11.18 New track from Savages released
2015.11.18 Adele "When We Were Young" premiered
2015.11.16 Mark McGuire shared new video
2015.11.13 New video from Unknown Mortal Orchestra
2015.11.13 Your Friend debut album announcement
2015.11.12 Marlon Williams "Hello Miss Lonesome" video launched
2015.11.11 The Tallest Man On Earth shared new video
2015.11.11 Le1f "Umami / Water"
2015.11.11 Daughter premiered new video
2015.11.06 Lush retrospective compilation announced
2015.11.06 Here We Go Magic shared new video
2015.11.04 James Yorkston to release collaborative album "Everything Sacred"
2015.10.30 The Darkness to release deluxe edition of "Last of Our Kind"
2015.10.30 Bob Moses new video premiered
2015.10.30 New track unveiled by Grimes
2015.10.30 EL VY "Silent Ivy Hotel"
2015.10.29 Blood Orange "Sandra's Smile"
2015.10.28 Hugo Massine announced new EP
2015.10.27 Jeffrey Lewis "Back To Manhattan"
2015.10.27 The Bohicas new video premiered
2015.10.27 HÆLOS new single
2015.10.27 EL VY shared new cut from forthcoming album
2015.10.27 Grimes new video unveiled
2015.10.23 Adele "Hello"
2015.10.23 jennylee official video beamed
2015.10.23 Adele "25" announced
2015.10.22 Savages new album announcement
2015.10.21 Faith No More music video premiered
2015.10.21 Petite Noir new video premiered
2015.10.21 Hot Chip new EP
2015.10.21 Villagers announced new album
2015.10.19 Small Black new video premiered
2015.10.19 A Place To Bury Strangers shared new video
2015.10.16 New Radkey video premiered
2015.10.16 Purity Ring remixed by HEALTH
2015.10.15 FFS new video
2015.10.15 The Besnard Lakes new album announcement
2015.10.15 New Enter Shikari remix revealed
2015.10.14 Deerhunter "Living My Life"
2015.10.14 Cass McCombs "A Folk Set Apart"
2015.10.14 Silicon remixed by Unknown Mortal Orchestra
2015.10.13 Martin Courtney shared new song
2015.10.12 The Dead Weather shared new technique and instrument-based clip
2015.10.12 Alex G premiered new video
2015.10.12 New video from U.S. Girls
2015.10.08 Bill Ryder-Jones "Satellites"
2015.10.08 EL VY shared new song
2015.10.08 Majical Cloudz "Downtown"
2015.10.07 Car Seat Headrest shared new track
2015.10.06 Briana Marela new video
2015.10.06 Hot Chip remixed
2015.10.05 Powell announcement
2015.10.02 Here We Go Magic "Tokyo London US Korea"
2015.10.02 Special Request to release new EPs
2015.10.02 Zomby announced two EPs
2015.10.01 Basement Jaxx "Summer Dem" remixed
2015.10.01 The Dead Weather instrument discussion video featuring Dean Fertita premiered
2015.09.30 Daughter new album announcement
2015.09.29 Algiers new video
2015.09.28 Jamie xx premiered new video
2015.09.25 Julia Holter live performance video premiered
2015.09.25 Steven A. Clark remixed
2015.09.25 EL VY debut new song
2015.09.25 The Dead Weather "Be Still"
2015.09.24 Basement Jaxx "Love Is At Your Side" remixed
2015.09.24 Small Black shared new song
2015.09.23 Beat Happening retrospective
2015.09.23 SUUNS and Jerusalem In My Heart new video
2015.09.23 Låpsley​ new single
2015.09.22 Majical Cloudz shared album title track
2015.09.21 Alex G shared new track
2015.09.21 The Dead Weather exclusive pre-stream
2015.09.18 Basement Jaxx "Buffalo" remixed
2015.09.18 Julia Holter shared new song
2015.09.17 Georgia new video premiered
2015.09.17 Ibeyi new video shared
2015.09.17 George Fitzgerald "Full Circle" video
2015.09.17 SOAK "Oh Brother"
2015.09.17 New technique and instrument discussion video by The Dead Weather
2015.09.16 Shamir mini-film premiered
2015.09.16 Mark McGuire announced new album
2015.09.16 Album announcement by Warpaint bassist Jennylee
2015.09.16 Deerhunter new video
2015.09.16 Enter Shikari shared new video
2015.09.15 Bob Moses "Too Much Is Never Enough"
2015.09.14 The Dead Weather "Cop and Go"
2015.09.14 Empress Of "Standard" video
2015.09.14 New Viet Cong video
2015.09.14 New Kurt Vile song shared
2015.09.14 The Dead Weather premiered first technique and instrument video
2015.09.10 Here We Go Magic drop new track "Dancing World"
2015.09.10 Jenny Hval "Take Care of Yourself"
2015.09.10 LA Priest new video premiered
2015.09.10 Alex G shared new track
2015.09.10 Small Black "Back At Belle's"
2015.09.10 Julia Holter new video unveiled
2015.09.10 New Majical Cloudz video
2015.09.09 Cayucas new video premiered
2015.09.07 Lou Barlow new video
2015.09.07 The Dead Weather premiered new track!
2015.09.04 Unknown Mortal Orchestra new video
2015.09.04 Basement Jaxx remixed!
2015.09.04 EL VY shared new song
2015.09.04 Girl Band "Pears For Lunch"
2015.09.04 The Dead Weather live clip
2015.09.03 Jeffrey Lewis and Los Bolts news
2015.09.03 Real Estate frontman to release solo album
2015.09.03 Empress Of new video premiered
2015.09.02 New Villagers video
2015.09.02 Animal Collective live album
2015.09.02 Car Seat Headrest announcement
2015.09.01 Gardens & Villa new video premiered
2015.08.31 Le1f new album announced
2015.08.28 Bob Moses remixed
2015.08.28 Destroyer new music video premiered
2015.08.28 Alex G new video
2015.08.27 Hot Chip "Started Right" remixes
2015.08.27 HÆLOS new video
2015.08.27 U.S. Girls unveiled album tracklist and new video
2015.08.27 Julia Holter "Sea Calls Me Home"
2015.08.27 Petite Noir "MDR"
2015.08.27 Small Black new album announced
2015.08.27 Here We Go Magic new song
2015.08.27 Bill Ryder-Jones announced new album
2015.08.22 The Dead Weather first single
2015.08.21 Jaakko Eino Kalevi "Letter"
2015.08.21 Panda Bear new EP
2015.08.19 Micachu & The Shapes shared new video
2015.08.19 Enter Shikari remixed!
2015.08.19 Steve A. Clark new video
2015.08.19 Faith No More "Sunny Side Up"
2015.08.19 Beirut "Gibraltar"
2015.08.18 The Dead Weather premiered new single!
2015.08.17 Låpsley returns with new single!
2015.08.17 Patrick Watson "Love Songs For Robots"
2015.08.17 Deerhunter returns!
2015.08.14 Silicon shared "Cellphone"
2015.08.14 Alex G new album announced
2015.08.14 Surprise EP from FKA twigs
2015.08.13 Destroyer "Times Square"
2015.08.13 Majical Cloudz announced new album
2015.08.12 Hot Chip new video premiered
2015.08.12 New Kevin Morby record announced
2015.08.12 New videos from Alabama Shakes
2015.08.07 New video from tUnE-yArDs
2015.08.07 New single from Girl Band
2015.08.07 Martin Courtney shared new song
2015.08.06 Briana Marela released second single
2015.08.06 New video from Petite Noir
2015.08.06 Slime "At Sea Again" ft. Selah Sue
2015.08.05 Hear the first cut from Lou Barlow's upcoming album
2015.08.05 The Bohicas shared album title track
2015.08.05 Bob Moses new single announced
2015.08.05 Steven A. Clark new single premiered
2015.08.05 EL VY!
2015.08.03 New Enter Shikari video just premiered!
2015.07.31 Radkey unveiled official video for new single
2015.07.31 Brand new song from Ibeyi
2015.07.31 Faith No More "Superhero" live
2015.07.30 New video from The Darkness premiered
2015.07.30 New video from Unknown Mortal Orchestra
2015.07.30 New Gardens & Villa single unveiled
2015.07.30 Silicon new video premiered
2015.07.29 Slime "Hot Dog" video
2015.07.28 Jamie xx "Loud Places" remixed
2015.07.28 LA Priest new video premiered
2015.07.28 New Belle and Sebastian video
2015.07.28 Koreless unveiled double-A side single
2015.07.24 Here We Go Magic album announcement
2015.07.24 Micachu & The Shapes new single
2015.07.23 Nights Beds premiered "Corner"
2015.07.23 Lou Barlow new album announcement
2015.07.22 Kurt Vile shared album details and new video
2015.07.21 Empress Of announcement
2015.07.20 Radkey new single
2015.07.20 A Place To Bury Strangers premiered new video
2015.07.16 Pixx debut EP announcement
2015.07.15 The Bohicas "Swarm" video
2015.07.15 Le Butcherettes shared new song
2015.07.15 Yo La Tengo new video
2015.07.14 Palma Violets new video premiered
2015.07.14 LA Priest new video
2015.07.10 Girl Band announcement
2015.07.10 Julia Holter announced new album
2015.07.09 Ducktails "Surreal Exposure" video launched
2015.07.09 Gardens & Villa "Fixations" video premiered
2015.07.09 Destroyer new video premiered
2015.07.09 Micachu & The Shapes announcement
2015.07.03 New LA Priest video
2015.07.01 U.S. Girls album announcement
2015.07.01 Alabama Shakes "Dunes"
2015.06.26 Bob Moses debut album announcement
2015.06.26 Flying Saucer Attack streams new track
2015.06.25 Silicon album announcement
2015.06.25 Mogwai hits/rarities set announced
2015.06.24 Petite Noir new album announcement
2015.06.24 Blonde Redhead shared new video
2015.06.24 Four Tet new album
2015.06.24 Jaakko Eino Kalevi "Double Talk" video
2015.06.24 Future Islands new video
2015.06.19 Steven A. Clark new album announcement
2015.06.19 Georgia shared new single
2015.06.19 Beirut new video premiered
2015.06.18 Briana Marela "Surrender" video
2015.06.18 New jam from LA Priest
2015.06.17 Ratatat new single
2015.06.16 Dan Deacon "Meme Generator"
2015.06.16 Slime new album announcement
2015.06.10 Gardens & Villa album announcement
2015.06.09 Alabama Shakes "Don't Wanna Fight" video
2015.06.09 Ducktails "Surreal Exposure"
2015.06.09 Empress Of "Water Water"
2015.06.09 New video from Cayucas
2015.06.09 FFS shared official video for "Piss Off"
2015.06.05 Bob Moses new single
2015.06.05 New cut from LA Priest
2015.06.04 New single from All We Are
2015.06.04 Beirut announced new album
2015.06.03 New video from Holly Herndon
2015.06.03 Yo La Tengo announced new album
2015.06.03 New song from Jaakko Eino Kalevi
2015.05.29 Nocturnal Sunshine "Believe" Official Video
2015.05.29 FFS shared new song "Call Girl"
2015.05.29 The Bohicas announced new album
2015.05.25 Destroyer new album announcement
2015.05.25 Night Beds unveils sophomore album
2015.05.25 Jamie xx "I Know There's Gonna Be (Good Times)"
2015.05.25 Ducktails "Headbanging In The Mirror" official video
2015.05.25 Briana Marela new album announcement
2015.05.25 FFS "Johnny Delusional" video
2015.05.15 The Darkness "Hammer & Tongs"
2015.05.12 New Enter Shikari video
2015.05.11 Faith No More album stream
2015.05.11 Sharon Van Etten shared new song
2015.05.11 FFS laying down the gauntlet
2015.05.08 Silicon premiered new video
2015.05.07 Ducktails announced new album
2015.05.06 Nocturnal Sunshine released second single "Believe"
2015.05.06 Shamir shared ballad "Darker"
2015.05.05 Patrick Watson unveiled new video
2015.04.30 East India Youth "Beaming White"
2015.04.30 Jaakko Eino Kalevi "Deeper Shadows"
2015.04.30 Tobias Jesso Jr. "Without You"
2015.04.30 Alabama Shakes #1 in the US and Canada!
2015.04.29 Ceremony new video premiered
2015.04.29 Cayucas to release new album
2015.04.28 FFS "Collaborations Don't Work"
2015.04.28 Lia Ices "Creature"
2015.04.28 Jamie xx "Gosh"
2015.04.27 Hot Chip "Burning Up"
2015.04.27 Moon Duo premiered official video for "Slow Down Low"
2015.04.25 American Wrestlers premiered new video
2015.04.24 The Darkness new video premiered
2015.04.24 Palma Violets "English Tongue" official video unveiled
2015.04.23 George FitzGerald "Call It Love (If You Want To)"
2015.04.23 Matthew E. White premiered new video
2015.04.21 Unknown Mortal Orchestra shared new song
2015.04.20 Stream Bill Fay's album now!
2015.04.17 New Editors track unveiled!
2015.04.17 Caribou shared new video
2015.04.17 New Owen Pallett video
2015.04.17 Ariel Pink premiered new video
2015.04.17 Purity Ring "bodyache" remixes
2015.04.17 Algiers "Black Eunuch"
2015.04.17 The Tallest Man On Earth shared new track
2015.04.15 New video from SOAK
2015.04.15 George Fitzgerald "Crystallise"
2015.04.15 Empress Of unveiled new track
2015.04.14 Bill Fay shared new song
2015.04.14 FFS "Johnny Delusional"
2015.04.14 New material from U.S. Girls
2015.04.14 Villagers premiered new video on day of album release!
2015.04.10 Silicon "God Emoji"
2015.04.09 Sharon Van Etten announced new EP
2015.04.09 New Panda Bear video
2015.04.08 Slime announced new single
2015.04.08 New single from The Bohicas
2015.04.02 Ryley Walker "Sweet Satisfaction" video
2015.04.02 New Hot Chip video premiered
2015.04.01 FFS announcement
2015.03.31 New video from A Place To Bury Strangers
2015.03.31 Jamie xx announced new album
2015.03.27 Ceremony new album announcement
2015.03.26 Algiers announced new album
2015.03.26 Villagers offered another taster from forthcoming album
2015.03.26 QT shared new video
2015.03.26 Unknown Mortal Orchestra "Multi-Love"
2015.03.26 Dan Deacon "When I Was Done Dying" video
2015.03.26 tUnE-yArDs shared new video
2015.03.26 New song unveiled by Patrick Watson
2015.03.26 The Darkness "Open Fire"
2015.03.26 New single from Shamir
2015.03.26 New video directed FKA twigs premiered
2015.03.19 Alabama Shakes "Future People"
2015.03.17 Belle and Sebastian remixed
2015.03.13 Jaakko Eino Kalevi new album announced
2015.03.13 Faith No More to release their first album in 18 years
2015.03.12 New video from Shlohmo
2015.03.12 New song from Sufjan Stevens
2015.03.12 Holly Herndon announced new album
2015.03.12 Kaiser Chiefs premiered video for "Falling Awake"
2015.03.06 Tobias Jesso Jr. "Without You"
2015.03.06 Shamir announced debut album
2015.03.05 New video from Låpsley
2015.03.05 Video for Suuns and Jerusalem In My Heart premiered
2015.03.03 LA Priest is back
2015.03.03 Bill Fay returns with new album
2015.03.02 Errors shared new video
2015.02.27 Purity Ring shared new song
2015.02.26 Brit DJ and Producer George FitzGerald to release debut album
2015.02.25 The Tallest Man On Earth unveiled new song
2015.02.24 The Darkness returns
2015.02.17 New album to be released by Palma Violets
2015.02.17 East India Youth shared new song
2015.02.16 New song from Sufjan Stevens
2015.02.13 Shlohmo unveiled new video
2015.02.13 Bob Moses announcement
2015.02.13 The Tallest Man On Earth to release new album in May
2015.02.13 New video from SOAK
2015.02.11 Alabama Shakes to release sophomore album in April
2015.02.10 Hot Chip to release new album in May
2015.02.09 Jungle new video premiered
2015.02.06 Unknown Mortal Orchestra back with new album
2015.02.05 East India Youth "Carousel"
2015.02.05 First official video from Purity Ring
2015.02.03 New video from Woman's Hour
2015.02.03 Villagers third album announced
2015.02.03 Lower Dens announced new album
2015.01.30 New song from Kaiser Chiefs
2015.01.28 East India Youth new album announcement
2015.01.23 Interpol unveiled official video for "Everything Is Wrong"
2015.01.22 New single from SOAK
2015.01.22 Viet Cong premiered video for new single "Silhouettes"
2015.01.16 New video from Woman's Hour!
2015.01.16 Ibeyi video for "Ghosts" premiered
2015.01.16 New song from Sharon Van Etten
2015.01.15 FKA twigs unveiled video for "Pendulum"
2015.01.14 Purity Ring sophomore album announced!
2015.01.08 New Belle and Sebastian song premiered
2015.01.06 New song from Enter Shikari premiered!
2015.01.06 Viet Cong shared new video