: 2016

2016.12.17 Julia Holter announced the release of live studio album
2016.12.17 Blood Orange shared video for "Better Than Me"
2016.12.15 DJ Shadow premiered video for "Bergschrund"
2016.12.09 MONO's official documentary premiered
2016.12.09 Diana Gordon unveiled video for latest single "Woman"
2016.12.09 Car Seat Headrest released single of "Drunk Drivers / Killer Whales"
2016.12.09 Bob Moses honoured with two GRAMMY nominations
2016.12.09 Little Cub shared video for "My Nature"
2016.12.07 sir Was debut album announcement
2016.12.06 Austra shared new video
2016.12.06 The Last Shadow Puppets shared video for "This Is Your Life"
2016.12.05 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds announced "One More Time With Feeling" DVD/Blu-Ray release
2016.12.01 New video from The Clang Group premiered
2016.12.01 Drugdealer shared new video
2016.11.30 White Lies shared video for "Hold Back Your Love"
2016.11.29 Little Cub shared new single
2016.11.24 You Me At Six released new single and announced new album release date
2016.11.18 You Me At Six remixed by Vaults
2016.11.17 Sinkane announced new album
2016.11.17 New video from Emiliana Torrini & The Colorist Orchestra
2016.11.16 White Lies unveiled video for "Morning In LA"
2016.11.16 DJ Shadow shared new video
2016.11.15 Communions unveiled video for new single
2016.11.14 The Last Shadow Puppets shared new video
2016.11.11 How To Dress Well shared video for "Salt Song"
2016.11.11 The xx return with new album in 2017
2016.11.08 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds unveiled new video
2016.11.08 SOHN announced sophomore album
2016.11.07 Austra shared Ikonika Remix of "Utopia"
2016.11.04 You Me At Six unveiled new song "Give"
2016.11.04 Motion Graphics released Yasuaki Shimizu Remix of album track "Lense"
2016.11.04 Sampha announced details on debut album
2016.11.04 ANOHNI shared video for "HOPELESSNESS"
2016.11.03 Methyl Ethel shared new single
2016.11.03 John Cale re-issues classic live album "Fragments of a Rainy Season"
2016.11.03 ABRA shared self-directed video for "PULL UP"
2016.11.03 Bing & Ruth announced new album
2016.11.03 Lou Barlow shares video for "Apocalypse Fetish"
2016.10.31 XL announced NEW GEN album to be released on November 25th
2016.10.31 Junior Boys shared video for title track from new EP
2016.10.31 Sunset Sons shared new video for "VROL" and announced deluxe digital album
2016.10.28 Blood Orange shared video for "I Know"
2016.10.26 Merchandise unveiled new video
2016.10.26 Alex Izenberg shared video for new single
2016.10.25 Soft Hair shared another new track from upcoming album
2016.10.24 Body/Head to release new live LP
2016.10.20 Austra to release new album in January 2017
2016.10.20 Communions announced debut album
2016.10.20 Little Cub shared a remix of EP lead track
2016.10.19 Emiliana Torrini & The Colorist Orchestra to release collaborative album
2016.10.18 The Growlers unveiled video for new single "I'll Be Around"
2016.10.18 Lou Barlow shared new track from upcoming EP
2016.10.17 The Last Shadow Puppets announced new EP
2016.10.14 Daughter released new single
2016.10.14 Sleaford Mods unveiled new track
2016.10.14 The Lemon Twigs unveiled new video
2016.10.14 Shirley Collins shared video for "Pretty Polly"
2016.10.14 MONO shared trailer for official documentary
2016.10.14 Lambchop shared new track from upcoming album
2016.10.13 Steve Gunn's "Field Recording" premiered on NPR
2016.10.13 ANOHNI's video for "I Don't Love You Anymore" premiered
2016.10.13 King Creosote shared video for new single
2016.10.13 American Wrestlers shared new song from upcoming album
2016.10.12 Powell launched online sports shop
2016.10.12 Mitski shared new video
2016.10.10 Warpaint remixed by Jagwar Ma
2016.10.07 Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker unveiled new video
2016.10.07 Goat Girl shared new track
2016.10.07 Andrew Dominik's "One More Time With Feeling" returns to cinemas from December 1st
2016.10.06 New track unveiled from upcoming American Football album
2016.10.06 Søren Juul's "Greenpoint" remixed
2016.10.05 You Me At Six shared new track "Plus One"
2016.10.05 Soft Hair unveiled new track from upcoming album
2016.10.04 Drugdealer shared new video
2016.10.03 White Lies shared two new tracks from forthcoming album
2016.10.03 "One More Time With Feeling" featuring Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds screening again
2016.10.03 Faith No More premiered new video
2016.09.29 Lou Barlow to release new EP
2016.09.29 Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith Remix of D.D Dumbo's "Walrus"
2016.09.28 MONO premiered video for album title track
2016.09.28 Alex Izenberg debut album announcement
2016.09.28 Liima shared new video
2016.09.28 KAYTRANADA shared new video
2016.09.23 MONO premiered album title track
2016.09.23 New song from Dirty Projectors
2016.09.23 Powell unveiled new video
2016.09.22 Pixx released new single
2016.09.22 New video from Shirley Collins
2016.09.20 How To Dress Well shared another new song ahead of album release
2016.09.20 Goat Girl announced debut single
2016.09.20 Little Cub announced debut single
2016.09.20 Gordi unveiled new video
2016.09.20 White Lung new video premiered
2016.09.20 Warpaint shared another cut from highly anticipated new album
2016.09.16 Dead Can Dance Reissues in November
2016.09.16 Steve Mason released new single
2016.09.16 Whitney shared new video
2016.09.14 New video of The Kills premiered
2016.09.14 Lower Dens shared new song
2016.09.14 Kim Gordon released new single
2016.09.14 Michel Gondry-directed video for The White Stripes' "City Light" premiered
2016.09.14 American Football shared another cut from upcoming album
2016.09.09 ANOHNI unveiled video for "Crisis"
2016.09.09 Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds new video premiered
2016.09.09 Merchandise shared video for new track "Lonesome Sound"
2016.09.09 You Me At Six premiered video for new single
2016.09.09 Sleaford Mods to release new EP
2016.09.08 Shirley Collins announced new album
2016.09.08 SOHN premiered video for "Signal"
2016.09.08 Dan Deacon released new single
2016.09.08 ABRA shared IGLOOGHOST remix of "CRYBABY"
2016.09.08 White Lies shared another taster track from upcoming album
2016.09.07 Drugdealer shared new track featuring Ariel Pink
2016.09.07 American Football announced new album in seventeen years
2016.09.02 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds shared first track from upcoming album
2016.09.01 SOHN returns with new single
2016.09.01 Sampha released new single
2016.09.01 360° VR Video from Motion Graphics
2016.09.01 How To Dress Well unveiled another new song from forthcoming album
2016.09.01 Soft Hair announced debut album
2016.09.01 Teenage Fanclub shared new track from upcoming album
2016.09.01 MONO unleashed lead single from forthcoming album
2016.09.01 Kaiser Chiefs shared video for "Hole In My Soul"
2016.09.01 Local Natives shared new track
2016.09.01 The Temper Trap new video premiered
2016.08.26 DJ Shadow shared new video
2016.08.25 The Magnetic Fields to reissue "69 Love Songs"
2016.08.25 Motion Graphics shared new track ahead of album release
2016.08.24 Sharon Van Etten released charity single
2016.08.24 Diana Gordon debut new single "Woman"
2016.08.24 Porches released digital EP "Water"
2016.08.23 You Me At Six announced new album
2016.08.23 Låpsley shared new video
2016.08.18 Kaiser Chiefs shared new single
2016.08.18 D.D Dumbo announced debut album
2016.08.18 Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds new album "Skeleton Tree" tracklisting unveiled
2016.08.17 Peter Bjorn and John shared new video for single "Dominos"
2016.08.12 The Lemon Twigs announced debut album
2016.08.12 Official video for Dinosaur Jr.'s single "Goin Down" premiered
2016.08.11 Director Andrew Dominik shared thoughts on the Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds feature film
2016.08.11 EL VY shared video for "Careless"
2016.08.11 Belle and Sebastian released Olympics-themed track
2016.08.10 Powell announced debut LP
2016.08.08 Motion Graphics shared video for new track "Anyware"
2016.08.04 Liima premiered short film for "Russians"
2016.08.03 Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds shared album and film trailer
2016.08.02 The Clang Group to release debut album in September
2016.08.02 White Lies new video premiered
2016.08.02 Warpaint announced new album
2016.07.29 Daughter released new single "No Care"
2016.07.28 Video for Ryley Walker's "The Roundabout" premiered
2016.07.28 Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker announced debut album
2016.07.28 How To Dress Well announced new album
2016.07.27 Dinosaur Jr. shared new single "Goin Down"
2016.07.27 Communions announced new 7"
2016.07.22 Sam Coomes shared another cut from upcoming debut solo album
2016.07.21 Alex Cameron shared video for new single "The Comeback"
2016.07.21 Drugdealer announced debut album
2016.07.20 Sigur Rós "Óveður" 360 video unveiled
2016.07.20 White Lung shared video for "Dead Weight"
2016.07.20 Unknown Mortal Orchestra unveiled new video
2016.07.20 Merchandise announced new album for September release
2016.07.19 MONO announced new album "Requiem For Hell"
2016.07.15 ABRA shared video for single "CRYBABY"
2016.07.14 Preoccupations new single "Degraded"
2016.07.14 Motion Graphics announced debut album
2016.07.12 Trevor Sensor announced new EP
2016.07.11 King Creosote announced new album "Astronaut Meets Appleman"
2016.07.08 The Temper Trap remixed by Kasbo
2016.07.08 Ryley Walker new single "The Roundabout"
2016.07.08 Sam Gellaitry shared new track "The Gateway"
2016.07.08 The Lemon Twigs announcement
2016.07.08 Special Request "Modern Warfare" Remixes
2016.07.07 Sigur Ros released 5-minute time lapse of "Route One"
2016.07.07 Local Natives shared new single from forthcoming album
2016.07.07 LNZNDRF announced new 12"
2016.07.07 Gordi unveiled new video
2016.07.05 Scott Walker announced "The Childhood of a Leader" OST
2016.07.05 Lucy Dacus debut album out digitally now
2016.07.01 Jamie xx premiered new video for "Gosh"
2016.07.01 Peter Bjorn and John shared new remix of "What You Talking About?"
2016.06.30 Parquet Courts shared video for "Human Performance"
2016.06.30 Angel Olsen unveiled new single "Shut Up Kiss Me"
2016.06.29 The Strokes debut new video on Noisey
2016.06.29 White Lies announced new album
2016.06.28 Blood Orange new video premiered
2016.06.28 Porches shared video for "Car"
2016.06.27 DJ Shadow shared new video
2016.06.24 Japanese Breakfast unveiled new video
2016.06.22 Jenny Hval shared video for new single "Female Vampire"
2016.06.22 The Temper Trap remixed by Johnson Somerset
2016.06.22 Girl Band shared new video
2016.06.22 Sigur Rós unveiled new music in three years
2016.06.21 Kaiser Chiefs unveiled video for "Parachute"
2016.06.21 Dinosaur Jr. new video premiered
2016.06.21 Sigur Rós "Route One" live event
2016.06.16 The Temper Trap shared live video for "So Much Sky"
2016.06.15 Peter Bjorn and John shared new video
2016.06.14 Preoccupations announced new album
2016.06.09 ABRA to release new EP on July 15th
2016.06.09 Cheena announced debut album
2016.06.09 Merchandise shared new single "Flower of Sex"
2016.06.09 Official video for The Temper Trap's "Fall Together" premiered
2016.06.08 Alex Cameron shared new video
2016.06.08 Sam Coomes to release debut solo album
2016.06.08 Blood Orange to release new album in July
2016.06.07 Angel Olsen announced new album
2016.06.04 The Temper Trap shared new song "Alive"
2016.06.04 Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds announced new album
2016.06.01 Ryley Walker announced new album
2016.05.30 New video from Peter Bjorn and John
2016.05.27 The Strokes announced new EP
2016.05.26 Whitney released new single "No Matter Where We Go"
2016.05.26 Villagers bagged second Ivor Novello Award
2016.05.26 Steve Gunn "Park Bench Smile"
2016.05.26 Mitski "Happy" official video
2016.05.25 The Kills unveiled new video
2016.05.25 Jenny Hval announced new album
2016.05.25 Dinosaur Jr. to release new album in August
2016.05.23 New video from Adele
2016.05.23 New video from Methyl Ethel
2016.05.20 Pantha Du Prince shared new video
2016.05.20 The Temper Trap shared new song
2016.05.20 Liss shared new video
2016.05.19 D.D Dumbo shared new song
2016.05.18 Peter Bjorn and John released new single
2016.05.18 New band Exploded View announced debut album
2016.05.18 Pixx released new single
2016.05.18 New video from The Last Shadow Puppets
2016.05.17 Sampha returns with new track
2016.05.17 New single from Adele
2016.05.17 Gordi shared acoustic video
2016.05.17 New video from Søren Juul
2016.05.17 EL VY remixed by Wye Oak
2016.05.17 Julianna Barwick new video premiered
2016.05.12 Josienne Clark & Ben Walker cover Nina Simone on Rough Trade sessions
2016.05.12 John Carpenter cult classics revisited
2016.05.12 New single from Steve Gunn
2016.05.12 U.S. Girls "New Age Thriller"
2016.05.12 Grimes new video premiered
2016.05.11 KAYTRANADA shared new video
2016.05.11 Pantha Du Prince shared new song
2016.05.09 Radiohead new album announced
2016.05.04 Mitski released new single "Happy"
2016.05.04 Radiohead premiered new song
2016.04.28 White Lung unleashed new single "Below"
2016.04.28 Tim Heidecker shared new video
2016.04.28 New tracks unveiled from the Day of the Dead album
2016.04.27 Amnesia Scanner "Want It"
2016.04.27 Alex Cameron "She's Mine"
2016.04.23 Peter Bjorn and John "Breakin' Point" remixed
2016.04.22 Låpsley "Falling Short" (Dark0 Remix)
2016.04.22 LNZNDRF unveiled new video
2016.04.22 Psychic Ills shared new track
2016.04.19 The Kills premiered new video
2016.04.15 Your Friend shared new video
2016.04.14 Parquet Courts Rough Trade session premiered
2016.04.14 Mitski shared video for "Your Best American Girl"
2016.04.12 The Temper Trap announced new album
2016.04.12 Peter Bjorn and John remixed
2016.04.12 Car Seat Headrest shared new song "Fill In The Blank"
2016.04.12 New track unveiled from the "Day of the Dead" album
2016.04.12 Tim Hecker shared video for "Black Phase"
2016.04.08 KAYTRANADA shared new cut from upcoming debut album
2016.04.07 Parquet Courts shared "Human Performance"
2016.04.07 Julianna Barwick shared new track "Same"
2016.04.05 Animal Collective shared "Hounds of Bairro"
2016.04.05 Suuns launched "Brainwash" new single and VR app
2016.04.05 John Carpenter "Distant Dream" live video premiered
2016.04.01 Psychic Ills new album announcement
2016.04.01 Gordi announced debut EP
2016.04.01 Moonface and Siinai to release new album
2016.04.01 Destroyer "My Mystery"
2016.03.31 Tim Hecker shared new track
2016.03.31 Steve Gunn new album announcement
2016.03.30 The Besnard Lakes shared new video
2016.03.30 White Lung shared new track "Kiss Me When I Bleed"
2016.03.30 Søren Juul announced new album
2016.03.30 The Last Shadow Puppets shared new cut from forthcoming album
2016.03.25 Tim Heidecker announced solo album
2016.03.25 Kevin Morby unveiled second single from upcoming album
2016.03.25 Car Seat Headrest announced thirteenth album!
2016.03.25 jennylee remixed
2016.03.24 New song from Higher Authorities
2016.03.24 Hear tracks from the Grateful Dead tribute album "Day of the Dead"
2016.03.24 The Range shared new song
2016.03.24 Whitney debut album announcement
2016.03.23 Trevor Sensor unveiled new single
2016.03.23 The Tallest Man On Earth shared short film
2016.03.22 Mogwai unveiled new cut from upcoming album
2016.03.22 Steve Mason shared new video
2016.03.18 Kaytranada announced debut album
2016.03.18 Grateful Dead tribute album "Day of the Dead" announced
2016.03.18 Liss to release debut EP
2016.03.16 The Last Shadow Puppets "Aviation"
2016.03.16 Empress Of shared previously unreleased track
2016.03.16 EL VY new videos premiered
2016.03.16 Rostam shared new single
2016.03.11 The Last Shadow Puppets shared new track
2016.03.11 Liima shared "Roger Waters" video
2016.03.11 Peter Bjorn and John announced new album
2016.03.10 John Carpenter shared new single
2016.03.10 ANOHNI announced new album
2016.03.09 Bleached new single "Sour Candy"
2016.03.09 Alex G shared new video
2016.03.09 Julianna Barwick new album announcement
2016.03.08 Låpsley shared new video
2016.03.07 Sunset Sons shared new video
2016.03.04 Spinning Coin new single
2016.03.04 Bill Ryder-Jones to release bonus edition of acclaimed album
2016.03.04 Lust For Youth "Display"
2016.03.04 Grimes "Kill V. Maim" remix
2016.03.04 HÆLOS unveiled new single
2016.03.03 Suuns shared new song and video
2016.03.02 Mitski announced new album
2016.03.02 The Kills return with new album
2016.03.01 Methyl Ethel album announcement
2016.03.01 The Range shared second single "Five Four"
2016.03.01 Official video for Mogwai's "Ether" premiered
2016.02.26 FKA twigs on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon
2016.02.26 New single from Parquet Courts
2016.02.26 Tindersticks new video premiered
2016.02.26 Junior Boys debut "Big Black Coat" official video
2016.02.25 Daughter "How" new video premiered
2016.02.25 Låpsley remixed by Sam Gellaitry
2016.02.25 Night Moves shared new single "Carl Sagan"
2016.02.24 White Lung announced return with new album
2016.02.24 New song from Car Seat Headrest
2016.02.23 New video from Georgia premiered
2016.02.22 Panther du Prince new album announcement
2016.02.22 Tim Hecker "Castrati Stack"
2016.02.22 LNZNDRF shared official video for "Future You"
2016.02.19 FKA twigs "Good To Love"
2016.02.19 Lust For Youth unveiled new single
2016.02.18 Bleached unveiled video for new single "Wednesday Night Melody"
2016.02.18 John Carpenter shared new track from forthcoming album
2016.02.16 Powell + Loke Rahbek "You Said It Would Be Alright"
2016.02.16 Suuns remixed by Dark Sky
2016.02.16 Animal Collective shared new single
2016.02.12 Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker new EP announcement
2016.02.12 Thao & The Get Down Stay Down shared new single
2016.02.11 Julia Holter new video premiered
2016.02.11 Trevor Sensor announced debut EP
2016.02.11 Higher Authorities debut album announcement
2016.02.10 Liima premiered video for "Amerika"
2016.02.10 Kevin Morby debuts new single
2016.02.10 Petite Noir announced new single
2016.02.10 Ra Ra Riot "Foreign Lovers"
2016.02.10 U.S. Girls nominated for JUNO Award
2016.02.10 The Prettiots premiered new video
2016.02.10 Mogwai shared new track "Ether"
2016.02.05 Adele announced new single "When We Were Young"
2016.02.05 Parquet Courts announced new album
2016.02.05 The Dead Weather premiered new video on TIDAL
2016.02.03 Junior Boys shared video for "Over It"
2016.02.02 Porches shared new track "Car"
2016.02.01 Tim Hecker to release new album in April
2016.01.27 Suuns new album announcement
2016.01.22 Ben Abraham debut album announcement
2016.01.22 Beirut shared new video
2016.01.21 The Range new album announcement
2016.01.21 jennylee "boom boom"
2016.01.21 The Last Shadow Puppets return with new album
2016.01.20 Låpsley debut album announcement
2016.01.20 Matthew E. White released new single "Cool Out"
2016.01.20 Kevin Morby announced new album
2016.01.20 Night Moves to release sophomore album in April
2016.01.20 New video from Grimes premiered
2016.01.19 Whitney released new single "No Woman"
2016.01.18 Rostam new single
2016.01.15 Black Mountain announced new album
2016.01.15 Bleached announced sophomore album
2016.01.15 Your Friend "Come Back From It"
2016.01.14 Lust For Youth new album announcement
2016.01.14 Liima debut album announcement
2016.01.13 Damien Jurado new video premiered
2016.01.13 LNZNDRF debut album announcement
2016.01.13 HÆLOS debut album announcement
2016.01.13 Mogwai new album announcement
2016.01.13 Enter Shikari released surprise new single
2016.01.11 The Last Shadow Puppets "Bad Habits"
2016.01.11 Animal Collective premiered video for "FloriDada"
2016.01.08 Porches "Be Apart" video premiered
2016.01.08 The Besnard Lakes shared new video
2016.01.07 Marlon Williams "Dark Child"
2016.01.06 Savages premiered new video
2016.01.06 Steve Mason new album announcement
2016.01.05 Villagers "Wichita Lineman" cover
2016.01.05 Ra Ra Riot to release new album in February