: 2017

2017.12.22 Mogwai shared video for "Crossing The Road Material"
2017.12.14 EMA announced new EP
2017.12.13 Austra shared B-side "Change The Paradigm"
2017.12.08 All We Are shared acoustic version of "Human"
2017.12.08 Maya Jane Coles video for latest single "Darkside" premiered
2017.12.08 Mogwai shared new single "Old Poisons"
2017.12.07 ******** announced album to be re-released next January
2017.12.07 Blondie unveiled video for album opener "Doom or Destiny"
2017.12.06 Anna von Hausswolff new album announcement
2017.12.06 Gary Numan premiered video for new single "The End Of Things"
2017.12.05 LA Wise Man shares "All I Want For Xmas Is Rock & Roll"
2017.12.05 Son Lux shared reworking of first single "Dream State"
2017.12.05 Sorry shared new track "Lies"
2017.12.05 Franz Ferdinand unveiled video for album title track "Always Ascending"
2017.11.30 Lima premiered video for "Life Is Dangerous"
2017.11.24 Richard Dawson shared the video for "The Felon's Song"
2017.11.22 Panda Bear announced vinyl only release
2017.11.17 Sorry released debut single "Wished"
2017.11.17 Patrick Watson returns with new single
2017.11.15 alt-J premiered video for latest single "PLEADER"
2017.11.10 Spinning Coin unveiled video for "Money For Breakfast"
2017.11.09 Dave Clarke released remixes of "I'm Not Afraid"
2017.11.08 Imharhan announced new album
2017.11.07 Superorganism announced tour dates
2017.11.07 Grandbrothers unveiled video for "From A Distance"
2017.11.03 Maya Jane Coles "Darkside" remixed by Mella Dee
2017.11.02 Hookworms new album announcement
2017.10.31 EMA shared video for "Fire Water Air LSD"
2017.10.31 Alien Stadium announced mini album
2017.10.27 Protomartyr unveiled video for "Don't Go To Anacita"
2017.10.27 Maya Jane Coles "Darkside" MJC V2 Mix released
2017.10.25 Ariel Pink shared video for "I Wanna Be Young"
2017.10.25 alt-J released "PLEADER" Mr Jukes Remix
2017.10.25 Franz Ferdinand announced new album
2017.10.24 Porches announced third album
2017.10.24 Peter Perrett shared live video for "Sweet Endeavour"
2017.10.24 Cabbage unveiled new video for latest single "Kevin"
2017.10.23 John Maus shared video for new single "Touchdown"
2017.10.19 Nick Hakim to support Fleet Foxes on UK and European dates in November
2017.10.19 Spinning Coin shared new song from upcoming album
2017.10.18 At The Drive In to release Diamanté EP on RSD Black Friday
2017.10.18 Noga Erez shared video for "Balkada"
2017.10.17 George Fitzgerald returns with new single
2017.10.12 Gregg Kowalsky shared new track from upcoming album
2017.10.12 John Maus shared new single "Teenage Witch"
2017.10.12 Porches shared new music
2017.10.11 Nick Hakim shared video for "Cuffed"
2017.10.11 Son Lux announced new album
2017.10.09 Seamus Fogarty unveiled video for "Van Gogh's Ear"
2017.10.06 Hostess Club Presents Beck live in Tokyo
2017.10.03 Kele Okereke debuts video for "Streets Been Talkin'"
2017.09.29 Ariel Pink unveiled video for "Time To Live"
2017.09.29 Noga Erez "Dance While You Shoot" remixed
2017.09.28 311 unveiled new video
2017.09.28 Blaenavon covered Radiohead and Harry Styles
2017.09.28 alt-J "Deadcrushed" remix EP released
2017.09.28 Dave Clarke released new single featuring Anika
2017.09.27 Protomartyr shared new track "Don't Go To Anacita"
2017.09.27 Mogwai released new single "Crossing The Road Material"
2017.09.26 Grandbrothers shared new track "Long Forgotten Future"
2017.09.20 Bash & Pop shared new songs featuring Nicole Atkins
2017.09.20 Blaenavon unveiled video for "Prague '99"
2017.09.20 Seamus Fogarty shared new single
2017.09.19 Joe Goddard "Children" remixed
2017.09.15 Asgeir shared new video
2017.09.15 alt-J released new single "Pleader"
2017.09.15 Maya Jane Coles released "Weak" Remixes Vol. 2
2017.09.14 Dan Deacon announced Rat Film Soundtrack
2017.09.14 Xenoula debut album announcement
2017.09.14 Broken Social Scene shared video for "Skyline"
2017.09.13 Lima announced new album
2017.09.13 Four Tet announced new album
2017.09.11 Gary Numan released video for "When The World Comes Apart"
2017.09.08 Spiral Stairs shared video for "Exiled Tonight"
2017.09.08 Nick Murphy (FKA Chet Faker) shared new video
2017.09.07 Public Service Broadcasting unveiled video for "Turn No More"
2017.09.07 Spinning Coin debut album announcement
2017.09.06 Superorganism release new single
2017.09.05 Kele Okereke shared new single
2017.09.01 The Waterboys unveiled official video for "If The Answer Is Yeah"
2017.08.31 Saint Etienne unveiled video for "Dive"
2017.08.30 Sparks shared video for new single
2017.08.30 John Maus new album announcement
2017.08.30 Hurray For The Riff Raff unveiled new music video
2017.08.25 Nick Hakim premiered video for new single "Needy Bees"
2017.08.24 Luke Rathborne shared video for "Don't Call Me Baby"
2017.08.24 Maya Jane Coles shared new single "Trails"
2017.08.22 Ride unveiled video for "Cali"
2017.08.22 Xenoula released debut single "Chief of Tin"
2017.08.18 Songhoy Blues premiered new video
2017.08.16 Dave Clarke announced new album after 14-year hiatus
2017.08.16 Protomartyr shared new single
2017.08.10 Mogwai shared video for "Party In The Dark"
2017.08.08 EMA shared new single "Blood and Chalk"
2017.08.08 Seamus Fogarty album announcement
2017.08.08 Public Service Broadcasting remixed by Plaid
2017.08.03 Kele Okereke streams new song "Grounds For Resentment"
2017.08.03 Trailer Trash Tracys shared video for "Siebenkäs"
2017.08.03 Everything Everything shared video for new single "Desire"
2017.08.02 Nick Hakim's "Cuffed" remixed
2017.08.02 Sparks released new single
2017.07.28 Gary Numan debut video for single "My Name Is Ruin"
2017.07.27 Ramona Gonzalez, Julia Holter, Cole M.G.N and Nedelle Torrisi released charity 7"
2017.07.24 Maya Jane Coles released "Weak/Werk" EP
2017.07.24 DJ Shadow shared new video
2017.07.21 Saint Etienne shared video for "Heather"
2017.07.20 EMA shared video for "Down and Out"
2017.07.18 Broken Social Scene debut video for "Vanity Pail Kids"
2017.07.14 alt-J debut video for "Deadcrush"
2017.07.13 Luke Rathborne shared new songs
2017.07.12 Maya Jane Coles new album announcement
2017.07.12 Ariel Pink shared new track "Time To Live"
2017.07.11 Protomartyr new album announcement
2017.07.07 DJ Shadow dropped surprise EP
2017.07.07 The Charlatans released new single
2017.07.07 Gary Numan announced new album
2017.07.06 Kele Okereke announced new album
2017.06.30 EMA premiered new song from upcoming album
2017.06.30 Mogwai released new single "Party In The Dark"
2017.06.30 The Waterboys new album announcement
2017.06.30 Seamus Fogarty shared new song "Short Ballad For A Long Man"
2017.06.29 Noga Erez shared video for "Noisy"
2017.06.29 Joe Goddard shared RAC Mix for "Ordinary Madness"
2017.06.29 All We Are shared video for "Dance"
2017.06.28 Saint Etienne shared video for "Magpie Eyes"
2017.06.23 sir Was shared remix of single "A Minor Life"
2017.06.22 Cabbage announced new EP
2017.06.22 The Range released collaborative 12" with Jim-E Stack
2017.06.22 Grandbrothers new album announcement
2017.06.22 The Moonlandingz shared video for new single
2017.06.22 Ariel Pink announced new album
2017.06.21 Night Moves shared live video for "Kind Luck"
2017.06.21 Public Service Broadcasting shared another cut from upcoming album
2017.06.21 Chris Rea will release new album on September 29th
2017.06.16 Ride unveiled video for latest single "All I Want"
2017.06.15 Public Service Broadcasting unveiled video for "They Gave Me A Lamp"
2017.06.14 Lal & Mike Waterson track "Fine Horseman" shared
2017.06.14 Everything Everything return with new single
2017.06.14 Yorkston/Thorne/Khan shared Seamus Fogarty remix of "Chori Chori"
2017.06.14 Camo & Krooked shared video for new single
2017.06.13 Trailer Trash Tracys announced new album to be released August 11th
2017.06.09 Ride shared new track "Lannoy Point" ahead of album release
2017.06.08 Ariel Pink released new single
2017.06.07 Songhoy Blues unveiled video for "Bamako"
2017.06.07 Avey Tare announced new album
2017.06.07 Trailer Trash Tracys return with new music
2017.06.06 311 to release twelfth studio album
2017.06.02 Richard Dawson shared "Weaver" video
2017.06.01 Geowulf unveiled video for new song "Get You"
2017.05.31 "Bright Phoebus" songs by Lal and Mike Waterson reissued
2017.05.31 salute shared acoustic version of new single
2017.05.26 Crescent shared live video
2017.05.26 Ride premiered Andy Bell/GLOK remix of "All I Want"
2017.05.26 All We Are shared video for new song "Animal"
2017.05.26 Songhoy Blues released new track "Mali Nord"
2017.05.25 EMA released new track and video "Breathalyzer"
2017.05.25 alt-J released new track "Adeline"
2017.05.25 The Kills announced "Echo Home - Non-Electric" EP
2017.05.24 The Districts shared new single "If Before I Wake"
2017.05.24 Real Estate shared video for "Stained Glass"
2017.05.23 Camo & Krooked released new single "Mandala"
2017.05.23 Peter Perrett shared video for new song
2017.05.22 Saint Etienne unveiled "Breakneck Hill" from forthcoming album
2017.05.17 Public Service Broadcasting shared new single
2017.05.17 Sparks released new single
2017.05.17 Crescent shared new song "Impressions"
2017.05.17 Noga Erez premiered video for album title track
2017.05.17 salute released new single "Light Up"
2017.05.16 Cigarettes After Sex shared new track from debut album
2017.05.15 Mogwai announced new album
2017.05.12 Dirty Projectors made live return on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
2017.05.12 Mew shared video for new single "In A Better Place"
2017.05.12 Nick Hakim streams debut album via NPR Music
2017.05.11 Richard Dawson shared video for new song "Soldier"
2017.05.10 Nick Murphy released new EP
2017.05.10 alt-J premiered video for latest single "In Cold Blood"
2017.05.05 Jakuzi shared video for "Istediğin Gibi Kullan"
2017.05.05 Blaenavon shared duet with Soko
2017.05.05 (Sandy) Alex G shared new songs
2017.05.04 Nick Murphy revealed first taste of new music
2017.05.03 Nick Hakim shared video for new single "Roller Skates"
2017.05.01 Kele Okereke released new song
2017.04.27 Ride share new single "All I Want"
2017.04.25 The Charlatans released video for new single "Plastic Machinery"
2017.04.25 EMA announced new album
2017.04.25 Little Cub shared new song "Death of a Football Manager"
2017.04.24 Ásgeir shared album title track
2017.04.21 Songhoy Blues announced details of second album
2017.04.21 All We Are announced sophomore album
2017.04.21 Blaenavon unveiled official video for "Lonely Side"
2017.04.21 Wilma Archer shared new song
2017.04.21 Joe Goddard premiered interactive site
2017.04.20 Blondie unveiled video for new single "Long Time"
2017.04.20 Hurray For The Riff Raff shared new single "Living In The City"
2017.04.13 alt-J unveiled video for "3WW"
2017.04.13 Villagers shared new track
2017.04.13 Royal Trux shared new track "Sometimes"
2017.04.13 Peter Perrett announced debut solo album
2017.04.12 Saint Etienne shared first single from forthcoming album
2017.04.07 Richard Dawson to release new album in June
2017.04.07 Cigarettes After Sex announced new album and Asia live dates
2017.04.06 New album announcement from Crescent
2017.04.05 Blaenavon unveiled new single "Lonely Side"
2017.04.05 (Sandy) Alex G shared new song "Proud"
2017.04.05 Shirley Collins to perform at BBC Radio 2's Folk Awards
2017.04.05 Noga Erez unveiled album title track "Off The Radar"
2017.04.05 The Charlatans released new single "Plastic Machinery"
2017.04.05 At The Drive In shared video for third single "Hostage Stamps"
2017.04.05 Public Service Broadcasting shared new video
2017.04.04 Nick Hakim released second single
2017.04.04 Mew shared new track "Twist Quest"
2017.04.03 Communions unveiled video for "It's Like Air"
2017.03.31 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds "One More Time With Feeling" out now
2017.03.30 Little Cub unveiled video for new single "Hynoptise"
2017.03.30 envy signed with independent record label Hostess Entertainment in Asia
2017.03.30 All We Are shared new track "Burn It All Out"
2017.03.30 Tindersticks to release original soundtrack
2017.03.30 alt-J shared new single "In Cold Blood"
2017.03.29 Nick Hakim shared official video for "Bet She Looks Like You"
2017.03.28 Sparks announced new album
2017.03.28 Francois & The Atlas Mountains shared new video
2017.03.27 Blood Orange released new long form video
2017.03.27 Spiral Stairs launched video for "Emoshuns"
2017.03.27 Hoops shared new single "On Top"
2017.03.24 DJ Shadow announced additional live dates in support of "The Mountain Will Fall" album
2017.03.24 Ride shared details of new album in over 20 years
2017.03.24 Blaenavon shared new track "Alice Come Home"
2017.03.23 Saint Etienne announced new album "Home Counties"
2017.03.23 Jakuzi shared new single "Istediğin Gibi Kullan"
2017.03.22 Blondie shared new single "Long Time"
2017.03.21 Ásgeir shared new single "Stardust"
2017.03.21 The Charlatans announced new album
2017.03.21 The Moonlandingz shared video for "The Strangle Of Anna"
2017.03.17 Karen Elson shared new video
2017.03.17 Royal Trux announced new live album
2017.03.16 Hurray For The Riff Raff's new album is out now
2017.03.16 Spinning Coin shared new song
2017.03.16 Joe Goddard shared new video
2017.03.11 Nick Hakim shared live version of "Bet She Looks Like You"
2017.03.09 Local Natives premiered new video
2017.03.09 Blaenavon unveiled VR live video for single "Orthodox Man"
2017.03.09 Noga Erez shared new single "Toy"
2017.03.08 Real Estate shared new song "Stained Glass"
2017.03.08 Julia Holter shared live version of "Silhouette"
2017.03.07 L.A. Takedown announced new album "II"
2017.03.06 alt-J announced third album "RELAXER" and shared new track "3WW"
2017.03.03 Jakuzi unveiled new single "Bir Düşmanım Var"
2017.03.03 Alex G announced new album
2017.03.03 Sam Coomes shared video for "Stride On"
2017.03.01 New video from Motion Graphics premiered
2017.03.01 Fránçois & The Atlas Mountains shared new track
2017.03.01 Thao & The Get Down Stay Down shared video for "Meticulous Bird"
2017.03.01 Temples shared video for new single "Strange Or Be Forgotten"
2017.03.01 Ride unveiled new songs "Charm Assault" and "Home Is A Feeling"
2017.02.23 At The Drive In announced new album in 17 years
2017.02.22 Sinkane shared remix of latest single "Telephone"
2017.02.21 Blondie revealed another new track from upcoming album "Pollinator"
2017.02.20 Jakuzi announced debut album
2017.02.20 Ásgeir shared video for first single "Unbound"
2017.02.17 Mew shared video for new single "85 Videos"
2017.02.17 Timbre Timbre shared video for "Velvet Gloves & Spit"
2017.02.17 Flying Saucer Attack albums reissued
2017.02.16 Blondie unveiled official video for first single "Fun"
2017.02.16 The Kills shared VR Video for "Whirling Eye"
2017.02.16 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds announced European Tour and new release date for One More Time With Feeling
2017.02.16 sir Was shared video for new single "Revoke"
2017.02.14 Animal Collective announced new EP
2017.02.13 Little Cub announced debut album
2017.02.13 Spiral Stairs shared new song
2017.02.09 Fránçois & The Atlas Mountains shared new video
2017.02.08 Yorkston/Thorne/Khan announced second album
2017.02.08 Dirty Projectors shared new song "Cool Your Heart"
2017.02.08 Spinning Coin unveiled new single
2017.02.08 The Range shared "Florida" VR Music Video
2017.02.02 Blondie return with new album "Pollinator"
2017.02.02 Julia Holter shared re-worked version of "Horns Surrounding Me"
2017.01.31 New Austra video premiered
2017.01.31 Ásgeir announced sophomore album "Afterglow"
2017.01.31 Real Estate return with new album in March
2017.01.31 sir Was unveiled remix for "In The Midst"
2017.01.31 Mew announced new album "Visuals"
2017.01.31 Joe Goddard announced solo album
2017.01.19 Dirty Projectors announced new album
2017.01.17 White Lies unveiled new video
2017.01.13 Sinkane premiered new single
2017.01.13 Frànçois & The Atlas Mountains announced new album
2017.01.12 Communions shared third single "It's Like Air"
2017.01.12 Spiral Stairs to release second album "Doris and The Daggers" in March
2017.01.11 American Wrestlers shared video for "Give Up"
2017.01.11 Buzzcocks reissues
2017.01.11 Night Moves released "Carl Sagan" EP
2017.01.06 Georgia returns with new track
2017.01.06 Dirty Projectors released new single