: 2018

2018.12.17 Steve Mason shared video for 'Walking Away From Love'
2018.12.14 Ásgeir released new track 'Lifandi vatnið'
2018.12.12 Boy Harsher unveiled video for new track 'Fate'
2018.12.10 Lambchop announced new album
2018.12.06 Jessica Pratt shared new single 'Poly Blue'
2018.12.05 SASAMI unveiled video for 'Not The Time'
2018.12.04 Blood Orange unveils video for "Dagenham Dream"
2018.12.03 Cat Power shared rendition of Burt Bacharach's "What The Word Needs Now"
2018.11.30 Dan Deacon released Time Trial OST
2018.11.29 Patrick Watson unveiled new song 'Mélancolie'
2018.11.26 Steve Mason shared new song 'Walking Away From Love'
2018.11.26 Julia Holter debut video for 'Whether'
2018.11.23 Gary Numan released new live album
2018.11.22 James Yorkston announced new album
2018.11.19 Son Lux shared video for "Yesterday's Wake"
2018.11.15 Rustin Man announced new album
2018.11.13 Selling debut video for "Dicker's Dream"
2018.11.12 Bob Moses debut video for "Back Down"
2018.11.08 Panda Bear announced new album Buoys
2018.11.05 Sorry released new single 'Starstruck'
2018.11.02 Paint shared video for new single "Moldy Man"
2018.11.01 Flasher shared video for single 'Material'
2018.11.01 Georgia shared new track "Started Out"
2018.10.31 Hen Ogledd shared new track 'Tiny Witch Hunter'
2018.10.30 Boy Harsher announced new album Careful
2018.10.30 Bill Ryder-Jones shared new song 'Don't Be Scared, I Love You'
2018.10.26 Alexis Taylor shared new cut of 'Suspicious Of Me' by Tim Goldsworthy
2018.10.25 George Fitzgerald announced All That Must Be Remixes
2018.10.24 Jessica Pratt announced new album Quiet Signs
2018.10.24 Protomartyr and Preoccupations announce split 7"
2018.10.24 Buzzcocks shared details of 40th anniversary editions of first two albums
2018.10.18 Matthew E. White launched No Future In Our Frontman project
2018.10.17 Bob Moses unveiled 'Back Down' remixes
2018.10.17 Julia Holter shared new song 'Words I Heard'
2018.10.16 Arctic Monkeys announced announced new 7" release
2018.10.15 How To Dress Well shared new single 'Body Fat'
2018.10.10 Jaakko Eino Kalevi shared new track 'This World'
2018.10.10 Hookworms announced Microshift Remixes EP
2018.10.10 Selling announced album On Reflection
2018.10.10 Hen Ogledd shared video for new track 'Sky Burial'
2018.10.09 SASAMI shared new song from upcoming 7"
2018.10.08 Jon Hopkins shared video for 'Feel First Life'
2018.10.05 Blood Orange shared self-directed video for "Chewing Gum"
2018.10.04 Gary Numan announced new EP and live album
2018.10.03 Seamus Fogarty announced new EP The Old Suit
2018.09.20 Georgia returns with new single 'Mellow'
2018.09.19 Connan Mockasin shared another track from Jassbusters
2018.09.19 Jon Hopkins shared video for 'Singularity'
2018.09.18 alt-J shared Terrace Martin rework of 'Last Year' featuring GoldLink
2018.09.18 Cat Power unveiled cover of Rihanna's 'Stay'
2018.09.17 Steve Mason announced new album
2018.09.12 Jaakko Eino Kalevi unveiled new song 'People In The Centre Of The City'
2018.09.12 Noga Erez debut video for "CASH OUT"
2018.09.11 Hen Ogledd announced new album Mogic
2018.09.10 How To Dress Well album announcement
2018.09.10 Villagers shared new track "Again"
2018.09.10 Son Lux announced new EP
2018.09.06 Julia Holter announced new album Aviary
2018.09.05 Bill Ryder-Jones unveiled new track "And Then There's You"
2018.09.05 alt-J premiered video for Deadcrush (feat. Danny Brown) (The Alchemist x Trooko Version)
2018.09.05 Pill announced new album Soft Hell
2018.08.31 alt-J "In Cold Blood" (feat. Kontra K) (Kontra K Version) is out now
2018.08.31 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds shared the video for "The Mercy Seat - Live in Copenhagen"
2018.08.31 Bob Moses shared new track "Enough To Believe"
2018.08.30 Anna Calvi shared two videos for current single "Hunter" and new track "As A Man"
2018.08.27 Blood Orange shared video for "Saint"
2018.08.25 Noga Erez released new track "CASH OUT"
2018.08.23 Soccer Mommy announced 7" single
2018.08.21 Bill Ryder-Jones announced new album
2018.08.20 Villagers unveil video for new song 'Fool'
2018.08.16 Superorganism debut Cedric Gervais rework of "Everybody Wants To Be Famous"
2018.08.15 Connan Mockasin presents Bostyn 'n Dobsyn + Jassbusters
2018.08.15 Cat Power released new single "Woman" featuring Lana Del Rey
2018.08.14 alt-J released 3WW feat. Little Simz (OTG Version)
2018.08.08 Son Lux released rework of "The Fool You Need" single
2018.08.08 Superorganism released video for 'The Prawn Song'
2018.08.01 Jaakko Eino Kalevi announced new album Out of Touch
2018.07.31 Pusha T stars in new alt-J video
2018.07.31 Anna Calvi shared title track from upcoming album Hunter
2018.07.27 Blood Orange released two new songs from forthcoming album
2018.07.26 Bob Moses announced new album Battle Lines
2018.07.23 Arctic Monkeys premiered video for album title track
2018.07.20 Blood Orange announced new album
2018.07.19 Tirzah shared album title track 'Devotion'
2018.07.19 Cat Power to release new album Wanderer on October 5th
2018.07.18 George FitzGerald shared 'Burns' (Moby remix)
2018.07.17 alt-J announced REDUXER album
2018.07.16 Animal Collective announced audiovisual album Tangerine Reef
2018.07.12 Franz Ferdinand shared remixes of 'Always Ascending'
2018.07.10 Patrick Watson unveils new single 'Melody Noir'
2018.06.21 Mogwai shared new track from upcoming feature film soundtrack
2018.06.19 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds announced new EP
2018.06.19 Flasher shared video for 'Who's Got Time?'
2018.06.18 Dan The Automator remixes Superorganism
2018.06.16 alt-J dropped Twin Shadow rework of "In Cold Blood" featuring Pusha T
2018.06.14 Dirty Projectors released new track "That's A Lifestyle"
2018.06.14 Protomartyr shared 'You Always Win' featuring Kelley Deal
2018.06.13 Pram announced new album Across the Meridian
2018.06.13 Lambchop to release 20th Anniversary Edition of What Another Man Spills
2018.06.13 Melody's Echo Chamber unveiled video for new song 'Cross My Heart'
2018.06.12 White Denim shared new single "It Might Get Dark"
2018.06.11 Villagers announced fourth album The Art Of Pretending To Swim
2018.06.09 Cigarettes After Sex released new single "Crush"
2018.06.07 Sorry released new song "Twinkle"
2018.06.06 Stuart A. Staples released new single 'A New Real'
2018.06.06 Anna Calvi new album announcement
2018.06.06 Matias Aguayo remix of Alexis Taylor's 'Beautiful Thing' released
2018.06.05 Noga Erez shared new single "Bad Habits"
2018.06.05 Arp shared new track "Nzuku"
2018.06.01 Joe Goddard released new 12"
2018.05.30 Bob Moses return with new single "Heaven Only Knows"
2018.05.29 Kadhja Bonet shared another track from upcoming album
2018.05.24 Flasher shared new song 'Who's Got Time?'
2018.05.23 Arp unveiled video for 'Fluorescences'
2018.05.23 Klan Aileen shared video for "Ryuhyou" on album release day
2018.05.22 Grimm Grimm shared video for new track "Take Me Down To Coney Island"
2018.05.22 Hurray For The Riff Raff unveiled poignant short film for album track "Pa'lante"
2018.05.17 Melody's Echo Chamber shared video for new song 'Desert Horse'
2018.05.16 Sorry released new single 'Showgirl'
2018.05.16 Arctic Monkeys announced Royal Albert Hall show in aid of War Child UK
2018.05.16 Cabbage unveiled video for single 'Postmodernist Caligula'
2018.05.15 John Maus shared new track 'Running Man'
2018.05.14 Arctic Monkeys announced new single
2018.05.10 Arp announced new album
2018.05.10 White Denim announced new album
2018.05.08 Jess Williamson unveiled video for third single "Wild Rain"
2018.05.04 Tirzah announced debut album
2018.05.03 Protomartyr announced new EP
2018.05.03 Dirty Projectors announced new album Lamp Lit Prose
2018.04.25 Son Lux shared new video
2018.04.23 Franz Ferdinand shared video for 'Glimpse of Love'
2018.04.19 Flasher announced debut album Constant Image
2018.04.10 Superorganism release new single 'Night Time'
2018.04.10 Stuart A. Staples to release first solo album in thirteen years
2018.04.09 Arctic Monkeys announced September live dates
2018.04.06 Jess Williamson released 'Mama Proud' from upcoming album
2018.04.06 Grandbrothers release Bloodflow Remixes EP
2018.04.05 Arctic Monkeys announced return with Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino
2018.04.04 Hookworms shared visualiser for latest single 'Ullswater'
2018.04.03 John Maus announced Addendum from forthcoming box set to get standalone release
2018.04.03 Melody's Echo Chamber announced new album
2018.04.03 Wilma Archer shared new track "Cures and Wounds"
2018.03.29 Kadhja Bonet announced new album Childqueen
2018.03.29 Cabbage shared new single 'Postmodernist Caligula'
2018.03.27 Soccer Mommy shared new video
2018.03.27 Franz Ferdinand shared brand new take on 'Glimpse Of Love'
2018.03.21 Alexis Taylor shared new song 'Oh Baby'
2018.03.09 Rework of Ásgeir single "I Know You Know" released
2018.03.09 Flasher shared new song 'Skim Milk'
2018.03.08 Jess Williamson announced new album Cosmic Wink
2018.03.08 Public Service Broadcasting announced Record Store Day exclusive
2018.03.07 George Fitzgerald shared new track 'Nobody But You'
2018.03.07 Jon Hopkins announced new album
2018.03.06 Boy Harsher announced album reissues
2018.03.02 Cabbage shared new track
2018.03.02 The Kills released new single "List of Demands"
2018.02.26 George Fitzgerald shared new track featuring Bonobo
2018.02.26 Son Lux premiered video for "All Directions"
2018.02.23 All We Are to release an alternate Sunny Hills album
2018.02.23 Porches shared video for "Goodbye"
2018.02.22 Sorry released second single '2 Down 2 Dance'
2018.02.21 Alexis Taylor announced new album
2018.02.19 Superorganism shared brand new track 'Reflections On The Screen'
2018.02.19 Cabbage unveiled video for 'Arms of Pleonexia'
2018.02.14 sir Was shared video for 'In The Midst'
2018.02.13 Anna von Hausswolff shared another track from upcoming album Dead Magic
2018.02.13 Wilma Archer shared new track 'Scarecrow'
2018.02.02 Dungen & Woods to release collaborative album
2018.02.01 Hookworms shared new track "Each Time We Pass"
2018.01.31 Courtney Marie Andrews shares another track from forthcoming album
2018.01.31 Insecure Men shared video for "I Don't Wanna Dance (with My Baby)"
2018.01.29 At The Drive In released new EP Diamanté
2018.01.29 Imarhan shared video for 'Ehad Wa Dagh'
2018.01.29 Soccer Mommy shared new single "Cool"
2018.01.26 Franz Ferdinand shared new track 'Lazy Boy'
2018.01.24 George Fitzgerald announced new album
2018.01.24 Cabbage announced debut album
2018.01.18 Anna Von Hausswolff premiered video for "The Mysterious Vanishing of Electra"
2018.01.17 Spinning Coin shared video for 'Starry Eyes'
2018.01.12 EMA shared new track 'Dark Shadows'
2018.01.11 Hookworms share new track 'Static Resistance'
2018.01.10 Son Lux released new single "Slowly"
2018.01.09 Franz Ferdinand released new single from upcoming album
2018.01.04 Superorganism announced debut album