: 2019

2019.07.10 Joy Opposites new EP Bad Phase out now!
2019.06.26 Joy Opposites announced new EP Bad Phase
2019.05.23 More music from surf film Self Discovery for Social Survival unveiled
2019.04.25 Music from Self Discovery for Social Survival soundtrack shared
2019.04.05 Mexican Summer and Pilgrim Surf + Supply announced collaborative film
2019.03.28 Drugdealer shared new track featuring Natalie Mering of Weyes Blood
2019.03.20 Cate Le Bon announced new album Reward
2019.03.15 Foodman announces ODOODO EP
2019.03.13 THE NOVEMBERS premiered video for 'BAD DREAM'
2019.03.06 The Novembers unveiled album title track 'ANGELS'
2019.02.21 Wild Beasts frontman Hayden Thorpe announced debut solo effort
2019.02.14 Drugdealer announced new album
2019.02.13 Vince Clarke Remix of James Yorkston's 'Shallow' released
2019.02.13 SASAMI unveiled video for 'Free'
2019.02.13 Noga Erez announced RADAR Reworked
2019.02.13 The Novembers shared details on 7th studio album
2019.02.13 A.A. Bondy announced new album
2019.02.12 Julia Holter premiered new video 'Les Jeux to You'
2019.02.11 Nérija re-mixed and remastered debut EP out now
2019.02.07 The Novembers shared new track from upcoming album
2019.02.01 Bob Moses released "Enough To Believe" Remixes EP
2019.02.01 Soccer Mommy shared demo of "Blossom" and released "Be Seeing You" digitally
2019.01.31 First music from Beth Gibbons announced
2019.01.30 White Denim announced new album Side Effects
2019.01.30 Animal Collective's Avey Tare announced new solo album
2019.01.29 Rustin Man shared another cut from forthcoming album
2019.01.24 Jessica Pratt shared new track 'Aeroplane'
2019.01.24 Lambchop shared video for new single 'Everything for you'
2019.01.23 Boy Harsher shared new single and video "LA"
2019.01.22 James Yorkston shared new song from upcoming album
2019.01.16 JAKUZI announced new album Hata Payı and share new single "Şüphe
2019.01.16 Rustin Man shared new track 'Judgement Train' from upcoming album
2019.01.16 Fat White Family unveiled video for 'Feet'
2019.01.16 Superorganism x UNDERCOVER
2019.01.14 Panda Bear shared new track 'Token'
2019.01.10 Fat White Family return with new album
2019.01.09 SASAMI announced debut album
2019.01.09 HYUKOH X Superorganism 'Gang Gang Schiele' Remix
2019.01.08 Royal Trux announced new album